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Dr. Stumbo and Staff,

Approximately 2 1/2 years ago I was looking for options to cure a problem I was having with my back teeth breaking. In talking to my dentist, he said I had two options: either have them pulled and have a partial denture put in, or I could get braces to fix my "bite". My age (over 50) was going to be a determining factor in the option that I chose. After conferring with your office and looking at the orthodontic options that were available to me, I decided to go with braces. I am a High School Wrestling Coach and I had concerns about having braces on the front of my teeth. I was concerned about catching an elbow or head inadvertently in practice and what damage may result, but I had a bigger concern with my age, the appearance of me having braces on the front of my teeth. I felt it would look odd because I have never seen an adult with braces. During the consultation with you and your staff, I inquired about the Incognito brand of braces and if they could do the job about fixing my bite. You not only assured me they could fix my bite but they could also fix the big gap that I had in my two front teeth as well as other cosmetic issues. 

I decided to to with the Incognito brand of braces; they were put on in early January of 2013. After about 30 days of getting used to the new braces, I was on my way. I did have a few bumps in the road early on because I was eating things I shouldn't be. I began to notice changes in the appearance of my teeth about 4 months into the process. After 6 months, the big gap in front was closed. The other gaps started closing soon after. The braces were removed in November 2014, after having them on for 22 months.

The attention to detail and the care that was fiven to me was more than I could have asked for. Dr. Stumbo, I would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone needing braces, whether they are Incognito or traditional braces. The experience that I had was a pleasant one and I am highly satisfied with the results. 

Thanks again,

Scott Adams

Head Wrestling Coach, Belpre High School


I've seen results from the treatment within the first three months. I wasn't aware the results could start showing this fast.

  - Zach

(5 star) Stumbo Family

What a great experience I had at Dr. Stumbo's office, My smile is better than I could have expected. The staff at the office are people that truly love what they do. You can tell the moment you step through the door. Thank you

 - Emma

(5 stars) Three Happy Patients

All three of my children have been patients of Dr. Stumbo. The last one will get his braces off in a few days. His staff is great to work with and my kids have all had a great experience--and their teeth look wonderful! We get so many compliments on them. I would highly recommend Dr. Stumbo . He does great work!

 - Luke W.

I have interacted with Dr. Bill Stumbo and staff for nearly 17 years by referring dental patients of all ages for various aspects of orthodontic care. I have found his meticulous attention to detail, experience and relatability to be just a few of the benefits  that patients receive.  From a professional as well as a parental standpoint, I appreciate the inclusion of our children in their care as well as the ease and convenience of scheduling and knowing that Dr. Stumbo will provide the best  possible orthodontic outcome.  I acknowledge the kindness, compassion and and general care that the entire office shows.  Our own children are very comfortable with and enjoy seeing the staff. They look forward to visits- not to mention the contests, costumes and "fun" atmosphere that sets the tone of the office as a "great place to be for braces."  We highly recommend Dr. Stumbo for all orthodontic needs at any age.

   -  H. Thiele, D.D.S.

I love doctor stumbo because he is COOL!  Everybody there is super nice! IT IS AWESOME!

   -  Jack Green (age 9)

I think that you do great. I think you're nice and your staff are nice. You can always count on them. They have nice prizes, and drawings. Prizes like candy. Plus,  when you get your braces off you sing and dance. They make it fun for you!!! They are the best service ever!  Smile way better :)

   -  Mya (age 7)

I enjoyed all of the staff at Dr. Stumbo's office. They were all very friendly and nice to deal with. I never dreaded going into the office for treatment. Dress up day at school didn't even keep me from my appointments! I showed up one day dressed as Bessie the Cow! That created quite the stir with the other patients and with the staff. I've also learned that having straight teeth is a great asset in the dating department! Thanks, Dr. Stumbo for putting up with me!

   - Sarah Lavender

When I was 36 years "young" I decided to get braces. The way I had it figured was that in four years I would either be 40 with straight teeth, or 40 with crooked teeth. I was still going to be 40! I'm so glad that I made the decision to work with Dr. Stumbo and his team to have the smile I have now. I would encourage anyone of any age to go for it!

 - Missy Lavender Campbell

All of my childhood and adult life I was very insecure about my crooked teeth. But now thanks to Dr. Stumbo and his staff I love my smile. As a matter of fact the day I got my braces off I could not believe those straight teeth were mine.

 - Julie Hollingsworth

Our children enjoy the creative contests held to reward good oral hygiene. We appreciate the professional, efficient, and friendly atmosphere found at Dr. Stumbo's practice.

 - The Scalise Family

Dr. Stumbo and his staff are great. Most of the staff are the same that took care of me. Now, they treat my daughter. I wouldn't consider taking her anywhere else. You get the results you want.

   - Kimberlee and Hannah Shears

"All Smiles at debanding."

 - Leslie and Rene Hall 

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